Finding the Right Candidates For You!

123 Recruitment and Training is proud to cater to the candidate needs of a variety of companies. Our clients are across various sectors of business within the UK. Our goal is to find the perfect client to fill whatever role you need.

When you contact us with a vacancy, we go into detail with you to find out what you really need in a candidate. We want to know what type of person you’re looking for, the duties they’ll need to fulfill, and what you expect them to achieve. We even do client visits so we can get a feel for your office environment – that way we can tailor personalities to fit in with your company or department.

We select the right people for you after thoroughly researching their working background. Then we send you detailed profiles for each candidate, and arrange interviews for the candidates you want to see.


“We only recommend candidates once we’ve really gotten to know who they are and what they’re about. That’s how we know they’re the right fit for your company.”

Our Clients

123 Recruitment and Training works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, across a full spectrum of market sectors and geographical locations.

We understand how difficult it is to find the right people and to retain them. It’s the driving force behind our business. But by working cloesly with out clients to understand their challenges, needs, and objective, we achieve that time and time again.