Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about 123 Recruitment and Training – Your fully-managed talent acquisition partner.

123 is your fully-managed talent resourcing partner. We provide all the service you need to find & hire great talent at a price that works. We’re your on-demand outsourced talent partner that works like we’re part of your business managing most or part of the process. You choose.

We pioneered a new kind of agency-model back in 2010
We’re cost-effective
We are 100% people-powered. 123 Recruitment isn’t some-kind of automated platform
17 years of know-how and experience transforming hiring campaigns
We work WITH you not in competition with you. You can even point your careers page or social channels to us and we’ll screen & manage direct candidates too.
We focus 100% on service, not sales. We don’t do any outbound sales whatsoever!
We work with integrity – 123 Recruitment stands against the poor traditional recruitment agency practices that exist.
We believe Talent Attraction is marketing and think like marketers to attract talent
No conflict of interest. We represent our clients, not candidates and work to connect you with great talent vs engineering placements.
We’re invested, agile and accountable – if we’re not seeing the right candidates we step-up to drive immediate change
You’re in good company. We work with some of the most innovative industry movers & shakers out there.
2020 and 2021 Feefo Gold Star for Service. 2022 Platinum Award for Service.
REC accredited

We work in close partnership with you as your full-service talent agency. In 2010, we moved the traditional recruitment agency model on, making some impactful changes along the way.

In particular, we work closely with our clients (as a partner, not just a supplier), to find the right talent. And because we represent our clients and not candidates, they love that we’re never reworking & spinning candidate CVs, engineering placements or re-marketing their candidates to the highest bidder.

We supercharge hiring for time poor business owners and hiring managers who ship 123 Recruitment and Training in as a complete hiring solution to get the job done. We work as an extension to your business and take care of everything you’d love to do inhouse if only you had more time, budget & resources. More talent options, people-power & service vs DIY hiring

For enterprise resourcing teams – we feed your talent pipeline whilst you focus your days on engagement and converting the best talent.

We also team up with HR Consultancies, Freelance HR Business Partners and Growth Consultancies who come to 123 Recruitment for guidance and support with finding the best talent for their clients.

All our options offer the same great service for all your hiring projects. Since 2010, we’ve been connecting companies from Start-Ups to Global Brands with everyone from Interns to Board level candidates.

From providing initial guidance, sourcing talent, to interview scheduling, and job offers, (and everything else in between), no matter which service option you choose, you’ll have the same great award-winning service experience.

123 Recruitment and Training favours a ‘retained’ style service model where all parties are fully collaborative and are totally invested. We’re here to take the slack and try to make hiring just that little bit more pleasurable, as let’s face it can come with challenges.

Our Standard Options:

Our ‘Hire’ and ‘Hire+’ options are best for single hire vacancies. Both options are fully supported for up to 12 weeks as we appreciate some roles in more competitive markets can have a longer lead time and we want to put you in the best possible position to successfully close your role.

For maximum peace of mind our Hire+ option includes our 60 Day Candidate Replacement Service in the event your chosen candidate backs-out or if either party terminates.

​Our ‘Open Hire’ option is a natural choice for recruiters who plan to hire more than one candidate or want the flexibility to do so, just in case other great candidates present themselves. It’s also our most popular option with our enterprise and volume clients who want maximum flexibility to bank candidates, build a talent pool and add candidates to their own Applicant Tracking System.

Bespoke Projects:

Unlock more talent with our Hybrid and Remote Hiring methodology.

Having championed flexible working for nearly two decades we are the specialist ‘Go-To’ for unlocking more talent via hybrid and remote working adoption.

Volume recruitment:

If you plan on hiring 50+ roles per year we offer clients an “Enterprise Resourcing Package”
✔️ Role onboarding and pre-launch groundwork – The journey to finding great people all starts with us understanding your business – what you do, what makes you great and defining your hiring goals
✔️ Content creation – we spend time crafting engaging content to attract the right talent
✔️ Long service pledge to keep your talent pool fresh (in case you need more options)
✔️ Collaborative service that showcases your accolades to win more talent
✔️ Maximum role exposure / passive talent acquisition using our vast array of media / candidate channels inc funded Premium LinkedIn Jobs & Recruiter & Sponsored Indeed exposure.
✔️ Ongoing campaign appraisal and performance management
✔️ First line screening of every candidate to assess for suitability. (No bots or Ai: pure human power)
✔️ Support with interview scheduling
✔️ Front line candidate support
👨‍💻 Access for all stakeholders to our hiring dashboard (we build our own tech) where we all manage the process collaboratively.

Add on:

👋 Enhance your employer brand & supercharge your hiring process.

Integrate your own ‘Talent Engagement Partner’ into the process and let them handle the shortlisting, ‘meet & greet’, candidate discovery and all round candidate engagement to help convert the talent that others also want to hire.